The area has good restaurants with well known Tuscan specialties. Among other things served is the incredible rare and delicious bean “Fagiolo di Sorana”. It is grown in a small area by one the 13 villages, Sorana. The beans are served in a couple of the Farm restaurants in the area and also in very nice and expensive restaurants in most of Tuscany..

On the way to Pescia, we recommend you make a right turn toward Ponto de Sorana where two good local restaurants are; Da Sandrino and Da Carla. They serve wonderful local food in big portions at good prices. Here we recommend that you eat the traditional Tuscan way by ordering several different courses from the menu and share them. The food is served on panes, which gives everyone a chance to taste a bit of everything. Across the restaurant Da Sandrino runs a babbling creek that cools you down nicely when swimming. In addition, it is often full of tadpoles which the kids can fish for.


Totally local

The local restaurant/bar in Lanciole is only open on Saturdays and you should reserve a table right upon arrival for the same night or for the following Saturday. The restaurant is run by local volunteers, so don’t expect too much of the service. Arrive around 7:30 pm in order to get the food relatively fast.

They make very good pizzas, antipasti and cheese to great prices and the atmosphere is wonderful. After dinner you can dance in the adjoining room, if you want to. The volunteers keep the place open the rest of the week and serve wine, liqueur and espresso, because they are there to play card anyways. If you are lucky you might be able to get a cappuccino if they have milk in the fridge.


Trattoria Da Sandrino

They are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
They make wonderful food, which we recommend. The tradition here is that everyone orders their own dish and then shares them with one another. This enables everyone to get a taste of all the Italian specialties. From Wednesday to Friday offers Da Sandrino a well-made lunch menu with wine, water and pasta- and meat dishes, bread and coffee for only 11€. A fabulous deal!

We have tried and can highly recommend: Their Antipasti – plenty for 3 people Marccaroni Fungi – very big pasta pan with mushroom sauce Meat with ruccola and parmesan – very dark sliced warm beef topped with ruccola and parmesan, minimum 2 people.
Ponte di Sorana.Via ponte di Sorana N. 30 Sorana, Pescia Tel. +39 0572407014


Da Carla

It is closed Wednesday and Thursday.
It makes very good local food, which like at Da Sandrino has the option of sharing so that everyone can taste a little of each dish. In the evening Da Carla lights its stone oven with wood and makes really good pizzas. Last time we went, we fell in love with a pizza with Italian ham and a load of ruccola.


Le Pieve

If you passing Castelvecchioyou will find a third good local restaurant Le Pieve. Le Pieve also serves pizza and Tuscan meat dishes. Do not run towards the right but continue driving up the hill about 800 meters to Castelvecchio second church where there is a large parking lot. Here you also are served excellent Tuscan specialties. The "Anti Pasta a la casa" is really good and better than the other two restaurants. However, we think Da Carla and Da Sandrino is better in all other areas but the Peber beef at Le Pieve is also very good. The restaurant is located to the left of the church.


Bar Martina

In Castelvecchio you wil find Bar Martina, where there is a small grocery store in the back They serve ice cream, coffee and wine but you can also get something to eat if you book a table the day before or in the morning. The menu is usually good but limited - Antipasta and fried chicken with potatoes and salad for a fair price. For dessert, perhaps a cafe latte for a Euro.


Restaurants in Pescia

You will also find good restaurants in Pescia that are a little more expensive than our local favorite restaurants Da Sandrino, Da Carla and Le Pieve. They are around the city. One of them is Pucci (www.ristorantepucci.it) located next to the charming old square with large shady trees, Piazza Matteotti. On the other side of the square is one of the good brand store with a large selection of Italian clothing for men and women.


Sushi – Japanese / Italian restaurant

Via giusti 7, 51017 Pescia.


Pizzeria Forno a Gegna

Our guests have highly recommended Pizzeria Forno a Gegna (Closed Monday.)
Via S. Andrea 8 55100 Lucca Tel.f 0583-496359.


La BotteGaia

It is closed on Mondays.
We have yet to try it, because we could not get a table, but it looks fantastic. We can recommend that you reserve a table here or another place at the beginning of the day in the village to guarantee a spot when you get hungry later on.
Via del Lastrone 4, 51100 Pistoria. Tlf. +39 0573358450

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